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Intellectual Laziness: Commonsense Nonsense! (by Bahaa Moukadam)

 Intellectual Laziness: Commonsense Nonsense!

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Exhausted at the end of another busy day, we sometimes deserve to flop on our favorite couch with our remote control and take in some TV. We deserve to occasionally be physically lazy.

Of a bigger concern, the seemingly increasing phenomena of "Intellectual Laziness". It is much less intellectually taxing to quickly accept what appears to be common wisdom. There is no shortage of folks that are ready to espouse a "commonsense" statement to make a point. And since it is often something you may have heard before (probably many times) you accept it at face value.

Should you?

Let's take a look at a couple of these: "Knowledge is power". While this may have been true in the industrial era, is it true today? Or, is knowledge abundant and readily and broadly available? Mere knowledge is no longer power.

Applying knowledge to specific and useful purposes can be a powerful force for good. "A dollar saved is a dollar earned". This must have been before there was an income tax. "A dollar saved is a dollar, a dollar earned is about 60 cents or so depending on your tax bracket" is more like it.

Commonsense statements are usually well intentioned; to urge you to gain knowledge and to be frugal in the two examples above. However, resist the temptation to just accept them because they very well be totally irrelevant or just plain wrong. Drop me an email and let me know of any other Commonsense Nonsense you would like to share?

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