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LMTV LIVE | Taps vs SPAN Ports (with Keith Bromley and Jonathan Petkevich of IXIA)

YouTube Live Event starts at 9:30AM PST, Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Yx_X0tC2This week we will be speaking with Keith Bromley and Jonathan Petkevich, Senior Manager of Solutions Marketing and Product Manager of IXIA, respectively.

When it comes to monitoring your network, data collection is an extremely important subject. You need to know the type and quality of your data. For instance, is it an exact copy of the network data or has your monitoring data been modified (time stamps, checksums, etc.). The source of the data is important as it effects troubleshooting activities and network security. Join us for a discussion of how to capture the right type of monitoring data and a comparison of Tap-based vs. SPAN-based data.

Key Points to discuss:

  • The quality of your monitoring data matters. It truly is about the adage, “Garbage in = garbage out.”
  • Revisit your visibility architecture plan to understand where your data is coming from.
  • What are SPAN ports? These are mirroring ports located on your data switches. SPAN stands for Switched Port Analyzer.
  • SPAN ports have limitations when compared to taps:
  • Creates duplicated data packets that reduce the efficiency of your monitoring tools
  • SPAN ports only provide summarized data
  • Missing data (Layer 1 data, corrupted and malformed packets, and other data oddities) is not forwarded on through SPAN ports
  • SPANs require CLI programming
  • SPAN ports change the timestamps of packets
  • SPAN ports have been shown to be hackable (so they can be a security risk)
  • Be careful when mixing data from Taps and SPAN ports. Exact data vs. altered data.

Calls To Action:

  • Download the solution brief Taps vs. SPAN Full Visibility into Today's Networks from the Resources page on IXIA
  • Download the whitepaper Best Practices for Visibility Architecture Tap Planning from the Resources page on IXIA
  • Download the whitepaper Top Six Considerations When Purchasing Network Taps from the Resources page on IXIA
  • Visit Out-of-Band Visibility solutions page at IXIA or contact Ixia for a demonstration of well it works and how easy it is to use

Please join us.

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