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7 Key Points Toward Website Optimization

A large department store has clean vibrant paint color with a bold simplistic name towering from the top. Its doors conveniently and invitingly opens up and embraces the many customers that happily explore the store inside.


In the 7 seconds it took you to read that description, they've either captured your curiosity and you would like to know more about the store, or they’ve lost your interest.

Websites work in this similar manner. You've got 7 seconds to capture inbound website visitors (potential clients) interests to further explore your site or lose their interests and exit your web pages.

What most businesses often neglect is the fact their worst enemy isn’t just their competitors, but it's also their bounce rate - percent of uninterested visitors that leave your site.

Several key points play a substantial factor in website optimization:

Audiences Feel Connected to Your Homepage or Landing Page

When your potential clients do not feel connected with your homepage content, or in most cases, they’re overwhelmed with what you want to throw to their face, in less than 7 seconds, they exit your site.

Your website not only ends up contributing leads to your competitors, but also you aren’t able to retain potential clients.

Updated Designs

Does your website look like it was designed in 1985? Even if your business is generating a decent annual revenue, think about just how much your revenue would increase when you utilize your website to generate more leads and convert them to customers.

Organization: Simple, Precise, Concise

Your web visitors won't appreciate seeing a site that's cluttered and messy. It might give them a headache looking at it.  An intuitive navigation is crucial. 

Having your information presented in simple, precise, and concise manner not only makes your site look appealing but also saves the visitors time from searching.

Rule of thumb: have information that requires less than a minute to digest. Your potential clients appreciate it.

Implement CTA Button or Link Within the Above the Fold Section

If you had to google CTA or above-the-fold, your site is in trouble. Otherwise, be sure to utilize the above the fold section to convert visitors into opportunities or encourage them to explore other pages within your virtual store.

Understand SEO

I am sure most of you are familiar with the term SEO (search engine optimization). The term comes across being technical, somewhat intimidating, and confusing. I have met numerous website owners who have mistaken SEO is PPC (Pay-Per-Click), SEO is all about keywords, or SEO is something their IT department or personnel can easily handle.

First and foremost, SEO was previously about keywords but not anymore.

I recall many years ago I was invited to a neighbor’s home for cheese and wine.  I was thrilled and honored as I accepted the invitation.  Since I was new to the area, I had every intention to connect with other neighbors in our small town.  I was annoyed and disappointed as I realized the hostess intentionally failed to mention this gathering was actually her Tupperware sales event! 

If that happened in the virtual world, the hostess would have failed SEO miserably by misleading and confusing the audience (guests).  In short, SEO is about providing a relevant content that includes key phrases people use to look for your product or service.

Responsive Design

Make sure your website can be viewed on all devices. The more devices it can be viewed on, the more potential clients have access to your site. It's also important that the information looks presentable through all devices.

Image File Types

Images are important to the appeal of your pages, but if they're increasing page load times then you'll lose those visitors. You can check your page speed HERE. You'll also need alt text describing each image used on the site.

From creating a connection with your audience to providing the right image file types, a clear and simplistic design to capture your audience’s attention will generate high-quality leads for your business and shorten the sales cycle.

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Cropped headshotDiana has been in the marketing business environment for well over fifteen years.  From the birth of an idea written on a napkin to businesses with more than 4 million dollars in revenues, Diana has assisted numerous businesses towards their success over the years.  She has also successfully implemented marketing plans and strategies for various nonprofit organizations.  She is known for her problem solving and critical thinking skills. Fluent in Adobe Creative Suites and excels in translating business objectives into technical requirements, Diana enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences of marketing with others.  In her spare time, Diana is a volunteer photographer for her son's school marching band.

Editors Note : I have known and worked with Diana for many years and she is one of the most competent and honest people I know. Her work ethic and dedication is above reproach! If you want to know how friendly your website is to the internet world, call Diana! I cannot give her anything but my highest recommendation!