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LMTV LIVE | Networking Trends for 2017 (with Mike Canney of Viavi)

Live Broadcast starts @ 9:30 AM PST, Wednesday, January 11, 2017

ViaviMike canneyWith the New Year’s celebrations behind us, it’s time to put down the eggnog and look forward to the key technologies and trends that will impact network professionals in 2017.

LMTV will kick off this year with Mike Canney, Principal Strategic Architect and troubleshooter of Viavi Solutions, to take a look into our crystal ball to discuss the biggest things to impact IT.

We’ll tackle the following top 4 issues:

  • Renewed Focus on Security Forensics: From politics to the media, it’s hard to get away from the importance of being able to recreate an attack. We’ll look at this renewed emphasis on remediation and identification. What steps are companies taking to investigate breaches and minimize future exposure.
  • Effectively Hybridizing IT Services: It turns out the future is not entirely in the cloud. The best strategies for deploying applications is a mix of on-premise and cloud-hosted applications. We’ll talk about strategies for assessing what services are best hosted locally versus in the cloud.
  • Getting Control of Shadow IT: Business departments from marketing to sales are procuring new IT services in the form of SaaS applications. While these services are deployed without IT’s knowledge, troubleshooting is still the responsibility of the help desk and network team. We’ll address the trend and steps to get greater control of the situation.
  • SDN: Moving from Planning to Production: There’s been a lot of tire kicking and conversations around SDN, we’re starting to see more network staffs deploy this technology into production environments. How do SDN technologies impact daily operations and troubleshooting? We’ll try to shine a light on trends and steps to prepare for its future.

Please join us.

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