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First Day Takeaways from NETSCOUT Engage 2016 (by Chris Greer)

Netscout engage 2016


Team Green has arrived in Dallas with their annual technology and user summit - Engage 2016. This conference is primarily an opportunity for users to come and interface with trainers, engineers, and product developers as they share tips, tricks, use cases, and new features on the NETSCOUT products.

This is my first Engage conference, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect upon walking through the door. On the website they posted the session titles and speakers, so at least I had an idea on the topic breadth that would be covered, but as for the size and scope of the conference overall, that would be new. (By the way, if you are at Engage and want to stop by my session - Advanced Troubleshooting Across SNMP, NetFlow, and Packet with TruView - I’ll be teaching in the Sanger room on Thursday at 3:10pm, stop on by!)

Overall, I have to say I’m impressed! From the product pavilion to the keynote hall to the maze of training breakout rooms, there is a lot going on at Engage. Technical sessions, both hands on and lecture based, dig into everything from TCP to VoIP, Service assurance platforms, security analytics, and WiFi. And I’m happy to see my favorite little buddy - the OptiView XG - have it’s rightful place among the big, flashy screens. The tough part is figuring out where to spend my time. This may not come as a surprise, but I’m a packet guy, so anything that digs into the details and deep dives into the protocols usually has my interest. So hopefully some of the things I pick up here at Engage will also resonate with the packet-heads out there. I’ll write them up and post them as the week progresses. Hopefully I’ll get to meet some LoveMyTool readers here at Engage!

nGenius Packet Flow Switch 3901

The first step in analyzing packets is collecting them properly. That can save a ton of headache once analysis time comes. So, I ducked into the hands on lab session to get my hands dirty on the Packet Flow Switch. Overall, I thought it was a nice interface and overall made sense as a packet broker. Compared to other visibility switches I have used in the past, one of which was acquired by NETSCOUT not long ago, the configuration had some things in common such as naming conventions and filter creation. The connection mapping and port grouping was less intuitive, but I’m sure after repeated use it would get easier.

I’ll post more as the week goes on. Sorry there weren't many tech sessions the first day. 
For now, just a quick pick from the keynote - go OptiView XG!

Keynote Engage XG

By for now!

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