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A virtualized Data Center doesn’t have to mean an invisible infrastructure!

One unfortunate side effect of Data Center Virtualization and Hyper-convergence is the loss of infrastructure and application visibility. In fact, the more virtualized the the data center is, the more invisible the systems and the applications within it become. Thus making it harder than ever for IT operations staff to identify and resolve application performance issues.

The Uila (pronounced we-la – Hawaiian for lightning bolt) Team has developed a game-changing application-aware performance management solution designed specifically for virtualized environments and IT operations teams which will redefine the way data center infrastructure and applications are visualized, managed and optimized. The Uila solution quickly leads to the root cause of issues and stops the usual finger pointing solution roadblock.

Uila visibility

    Leveraging distributed deep packet analysis and big-data correlation, Uila’s intuitive operations center focused dashboard and     “follow the red” root cause analysis allow data center operations staff to:
  • Gain deep visibility into their virtualized infrastructure
  • Recognize and reduce application outages from hours to minutes
  • Prevent outages that may arise from previously unrecognized stressed infrastructure
  • Proactively tune the performance of their business-critical applications

Uila’s operational simplicity, ease of use and software only deployment approach eliminate:

  • Cost and deployment complexity of application or OS agents
  • Visibility issues associated with hardware-based approaches.
  • Need for an army of dedicated specialists
  • A collection “one off” system and application specific tools

For a super white paper on how to solve the top 5 virtualized application and infrastructure issues – go to - http://www.uila.com/resources/analyst-white-paper

Recent Customer Experience

“Uila went from being a need, to a pilot, to a critical piece of our virtualized infrastructure in a matter of weeks by providing a “single pane of glass” view into our heavily virtualized Data Center and the system correlation to rapidly determine the root cause of problems.”

Jim Root, Chief Information Officer, Lake Emergency Medical Services

More on Uila - http://www.uila.com/

Try it for free, in your network!  See Below! -  Uila Data Center visibility

This month Uila is introducing a freemium version of its software and while limited to a few hosts and 10s of VMs, it is still a fully featured version that can provide visibility and root cause analysis in small data centers or can be used as a diagnostic tool in mid sized or later deployments.

Click here to register and download the real application, in a limited mode for hands on real world view of your virtualized world - https://portal.uila.com/freemium

Editor's Note** - Do Not miss this real world, your virtual network world, test featured Visibility Solution!

If you cannot see into your network - How will you know that there is a problem, much less fix the problem.

Deep visibility is a KEY step in protecting and getting the most out of your Network, applications and give the very best to your customers.

Uila_ManagementTeam_DeanDean Au has established an impressive record as a technology visionary and business executive, with more than 30 years of experience in the data communication and networking industries. Mr. Au co-founded AirMagnet in 2001 and served as its President and CEO until it was acquired by Fluke Networks in 2009, where he continued as General Manager until 2011. Prior to AirMagnet, he was Senior Vice President of the Sniffer Technology Division of Network Associates. Mr. Au also founded Cinco Networks, the developer of NetXRay, the first Windows-based analyzer product. He served as President and CEO until the company was sold to Network General Corporation. Prior to Cinco Networks, Mr. Au held senior R&D management positions at Hughes LAN Systems and 3Com Corporation. Mr. Au earned a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Ohio State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Cheng Kung University.  Check out more - Uila home page