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Network Security Resilience Report (by Keith Bromley)

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How network security resilience solutions and techniques are being successfully used within the modern enterprise.

A recent survey was conducted to better understand how network security resilience solutions and techniques are used within the modern enterprise. While much information and stats exists on security products and current threats, very little is available on how it is actually being used and the techniques and technology to ensure that security is completely integrated into the corporate network structure.

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This report presents the research that was uncovered and the interesting results.

This survey emphasized exploring scalable network security and visibility architectures. 

  1. The survey focused on understanding the products used and their types.
  2. The next area was on understanding the processes being used.
  3. Last was on understanding the people elements and components of the typical architectures. 

This report covers in detail these key findings:

  • Many enterprises and carriers are still highly vulnerable to the effects of a security breach.
    • Mainly lacking best practices, process issues, lack of awareness, and lack of proper technology.
  • The lack of knowledge, not cost, is the primary barrier to security improvements.
    • The typical annual spending on network security is less than $100K per company worldwide.
  • Security resilience approaches are growing in worldwide adoption. A primary contributor is the merge of visibility and security architectures.
    • The data shows that life-cycle security methodologies and security resilience testing are also positive contributors.
  • The top two main security concerns for IT are:
    • data loss through breaches and
    • malware attacks. 

These four key findings confirm that while there are still clear dangers to network security, there is hope and a growing focus and considerable improvement.

The severity of the risk has not gone away, but some, not all,  are mitigating the threat with a focused investment in technology, training, and processes. 

This survey uncovered the following key findings, which we will be discussed in detail in the full report:

1. Many enterprises and carriers are still highly vulnerable to a cyber breach and the effects, costs..etc,

2. Lack of knowledge and action are the primary barriers to security improvements and success

3. Security resilience approaches are growing in worldwide adoption

4. The top two main security concerns for IT are data loss through a breach and malware attacks 

This technical report  goes into the detail of the efforts, successes and methods that are being deployed to assure a successful network resilence plan, needed processes and precise procedures.

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KeithAuthor:Keith Bromley is a product marketing manager for Ixia, Inc., with more than 20 years of industry experience in marketing and engineering. Keith is responsible for marketing activities for Ixia’s network monitoring switch solutions. As a spokesperson for the industry, Keith is a subject matter expert on network monitoring, management systems, unified communications, IP telephony, SIP, wireless and wireline infrastructure. Keith joined Ixia in 2013 and has written many industry whitepapers covering topics on network monitoring, network visibility, IP telephony drivers, SIP, unified communications, as well as discussions around ROI and TCO for IP solutions. Prior to Ixia, Keith worked for several national and international Hi-Tech companies including NEC, ShoreTel, DSC, Metro-Optix, Cisco Systems and Ericsson, for whom he was industry liaison to several technical standards bodies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.