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LMTV Sharkfest | Maximizing Security and Monitoring Investments in an Uncertain World (with Don Shin)

Live Event Time: Thursday, June 4, 2015 - 10:00 AM PST

LMTV SharkfestDon picture After our interview with +Gerald Combs last week, we have officially kicked off "LMTV Sharkfest", a series of technically focused presentations by the shared sponsors of +SharkFest Wireshark Developer and User Conference and LoveMyTool.

First batter up is +Don Shin of +Ixia | Anue Network Visibility Solutions. Don is a member of the Ixia Technology Partner Development team. He is responsible for managing and evangelizing the Ixia security and applications portfolio. Don has a passion for helping IT organizations build stronger networks by adopting rigorous testing practices.

His vendor neutral presentation will be about maximizing security and monitoring investments. In today's world of crippling cyber attacks and dynamic applications, organizations need to know that their networks are resilient to handle the worst that cyber criminals can throw at them.

But even with spending on security and monitoring technologies at an all-time high, how confident are you in vendor decisions and the architecture you are implementing? Learn how to replace guesswork-based uncertainty with fact-based confidence to maximize your investments.

Please join us with this live event and participate with Q&A.

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