Process Monitor: Display and Capture Filtering (by Paul Offord)
Process Monitor: Filtering Part 2 (by Paul Offord)

LMTV Interview | Mama Sharkfest (aka Janice Spampinato)

Event Time: Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 9:30 am PST

0_5R4EH71d67092wxQbJszHDlQ6uZBaSOQFM2zHDrnJWubAdd6djHQQSkZHG4eSE0Ek4VNFEa4fwawIt has been said that, "Behind every great conference is a great woman". Anyone who has attended Sharkfest knows +Janice Spampinato as the loving and caring mama shark. But few people might know that Janice is also a techie just like the rest of us. Prior to Riverside and CACE, for 16 years, Janice was the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at WildPackets, a pioneer in network monitoring. This Wednesday we will interview Janice. She did as promised and spill some beans on the early days of Sharkfest. Also, she shared her experience and expertise in community and brand building with our viewers.

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