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LMTV | Gerald Combs: Man, Myth, Mystery

Last week we interviewed Gerald Combs (inventor of Wireshark) and next week we will interview Janice Spampinato (Business Development Manager of Riverbed where Gerald keeps his day job and a sponsor of LoveMyTool). For those of us who attend Sharkfest regularly, it is often said that, "We came because of Gerald but we stay because of Janice." It is not an exaggeration to say that Janice is the den mother of Sharkfest.

This was the video created by Janice for Gerald and his wife in celebration of their 15th wedding anniversary. It was unveiled at the 2013 Sharkfest which was recorded by Chris Greer for LoveMyTool. But for some reason, the video itself was never posted on Youtube although it was linked in the Wireshark University website.

In the spirit of "easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission", we decided to post the video here, to thank the two people whom we admire immensely and without whom, Sharkfest will just be another excuse for visiting the wine country.

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