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Small Data (by Paul W. Smith)

WiFi Troubleshooting With Fluke Networks OneTouchAT (by Tony Fortunato)

I love using the words WiFi Survey and WiFi Troubleshooting interchangeably because as far as I’m concerned, the only difference between the two is spelling.

When I get involved with WiFi troubleshooting, the typical exercise involves recording the following items; location, signal statistics, throughput, packet loss and jitter.  I have showed you some tools that automate or make this reporting methodology easier in previous videos.

The real work happens after you gather this data and attempt to transform it to meaningful information. For example, can I stream multimedia on my WiFi network? What kind of throughput can I expect in the conference room?

In many cases, the tools you use may use proprietary protocols or traffic generation that makes it tricky to predict how the real client’s application will actually perform.

In this video I show you a tool from Fluke Networks called the OneTouchAT that allows me to create my own customized tests to real servers, pass/fail thresholds, then literally hit one button and get my results.

For those of you who have read, seen or heard any of my troubleshooting sessions know how much I value consistency. That is yet another reason why I like this tool.  After you setup your tests and criteria, you can easily rerun your tests from different floors, access points or Ethernet networks.  Another push of a button and I get a 22 page PDF report. 




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