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Multi-tasking is a way of life for IT pros. Without the ability to effectively multi-task, system administrators can quickly end up buried under a stack of help desk tickets. Just like the human ability to multi-task, time-saving system administration tools include features that allow IT pros to perform multiple tasks without having to switch between software consoles. To be clear, there are many tools on the market that perform only one task and perform it well, but there is a clear movement in the industry toward function aggregation in system administration tools that promises to cut down on the software bloat seen on just about any IT pro’s workstation.

Using single-function system administration tools increases the amount of time needed to complete your daily tasks as an IT pro. It also increases the time it takes to train yourself and your staff to become proficient as system administrators. So, if you are looking for a quick boost in productivity for you and your staff, look to admin tools that let you perform multiple functions from one interface or include other time-saving features.

An area where this is especially true is remote support. Remote support tools run the gamut from simple to complex. On the simple side, you have tools like RDP or VNC that allow IT pros to control computers remotely. In essence, these are one-trick ponies, but they do what they do very well. On the more complex side are tools that aggregate many IT functions into one console, allowing system administrators to perform most of their daily tasks from one software interface. Often, the more complex the tool, the more expensive it is, but there are plenty of free remote support tools on the market that can help busy IT pros save time.

A great example of this kind of time-saving, free remote support tool is the recently released DameWare SSH Client for Windows. This free SSH client for Windows packs features normally only found in expensive alternatives into an easy-to-use console. There are three especially compelling features built in to this tool:

  • First, its tabbed interface. Much like modern internet browsers, this tool allows IT pros to manage multiple SSH or telnet sessions from one console.
  • Second, a handy feature that allows users to save multiple sets of login credentials.
  • Also, it includes a ‘favorite sessions’ feature that allows IT pros to save session information for frequently accessed computers and devices, which cuts down on the time needed to connect to a device.


The bottom line is this – you, as an IT pro, are expected to be good at multi-tasking. You should expect the same ability to manage multiple tasks or functions from the software tools you use to do your job. At the end of the day, it’s all about managing your time, and software tools that aggregate many functions in one console and reduce training time can save you significant amounts of time performing your daily tasks.

Glenn-Gray_SolarWindsSolarwinds_logo_tag2012Author Bio: Glenn Gray is the product marketing manager for desktop management at SolarWinds. He has over 10 years of experience working in various IT roles including systems administrator and IT manager. Glenn attended the University of Texas for a degree in International Relations and Economics and attended the University of British Columbia’s MBA program.