Remote IT Support Provides Multi-Function Efficiency (by Glenn Gray)
Some Things You'll Never Know (by Paul W. Smith)

Placer Gold Mining and Recovery (by Haley and Dwayne Jones)

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Just like mining, I used to have three simple rules for entrepreneurship. First, secure your perimeter (get some legal claims to your intellectual or physical properties in order to raise the barrier to entry for others). Second, build a strong team with people with prior experience (they don't need to know everything but they need to know something). Finally, do the easy stuff first and start generating revenues by picking stuff off the ground before digging towards the dark end of the tunnel. Today, +Dwayne Jones and his beautiful daughter Haley explain placer mining which is literally picking treasures off the ground. Like entrepreneurship, placer mining is simple in concept but challenging in execution. What a great show.

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