Open Source Parenting (by Anna and Mark Townsend)
How To Create CSV Files With Wireshark 1.8 (by Tony Fortunato)

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!!! honored! (by Tim O’Neill) is chosen by NetworkWorld as one of the 15 more useful Cisco sites!

By: Jim Duffy of NETWORKWORLD - Another lineup in our continuing search for the most useful sites on the Web for Cisco users and practitioners.

Extra read all about it

Original article link - is about 5 years old and we have focused on providing a wide spectrum and variety of real world useful knowledge and information to our technical readers.

Denny and I both (the founders) came from small companies that had little or no way to tell the technology world about our super technology and the values it would bring to users.

So we decided to start this site to allow anyone to write a technology valued story about the usefulness and real world value of their technology or experiences.

We are also big supporters of the Open Source Community with special focus on Wireshark founded by Gerald Combs. Gerald is not only a super friend but an awesome mentor to the Network Community. Lovemytool is also an original sponsor of Sharkfest, the yearly meeting of network visualization experts and novices for exchange of information and a lot of classes to learn about network analysis and monitoring modalities.

I get asked this question very often – How can I get an article posted on

Simply write a original technical article, I usually suggest less than 10 paragraphs, use lots of visuals, put in hyperlinks to important references or papers…etc. The article MUST be in word format, it can also be a video or slide show with audio, we prefer presentations be in Camtasia by TechSmith ( ) or in uTube format.

Be sure to include the authors Bio (about 1 paragraph) and head shot (.jpg). Links to the Authors company are accepted in the Bio.

The article MUST have value in helping Network and Security Professionals find, recognize and/or solve technical issues, in a neutral way! The articles may also, at the discretion of the editors, be informational for the readers…I.E. explaining IPv6, methods of reading flows, How a tool found a problem or visualized it….etc. has been blessed by having the Best of the Best regular Technology writers – Real World Analysts, Instructors and technology business persons like - Tony Fortunato, Chris Greer, Denny Miu, Paul Smith and others.

So Thank You to the NetworkWorld Team for recognizing the Team, to our great sponsors and to all our faithful readers.

2013 will be a stellar year for the Network and Security world and hopefully a year of job and technology growth. I also would like to see World Peace!

I wish everyone Great Success with less stress! Tim “The Oldcommguy®”