Highlights from Sharkfest 2012 – UC Berkeley, CA (by Chris Greer)
How to Shoot Anything (by Paul W. Smith)

Secrets of Vulnerability Scanning: Nessus, Nmap, and More - Sharkfest 2012 (by Ron Bowes)

Editor's Note: This session was recorded at Sharkfest 2012 - UC Berkeley, CA.

Vulnerability scanning - that is, remotely determining the security posture of a network-connected computer system - is one of the foundations of Internet security. These scans are based on thousands of individual vulnerability checks, each of which is carefully written to uniquely find a single vulnerability with minimal errors. This talk will take a deep look at how Nessu and Nmap vulnerability scans are written, demonstrating a combination of packet sniffing, reverse engineering, and trial and error!

Ron Bowes works as a vulnerability research engineer for Tenable Network Security. He is best known for his contributions to open source security software including the Nmap Security Scanner, for which he has written dozens of scripts covering a number of complex protocols.