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AirMagnet Survey - Getting Started (by Tony Fortunato)

When working on a wireless site survey, I explain my methodology in case I overlooked something. Then I show the customer the process and review some of the analysis behind it. 

When I explain what a tool like Fluke Network's AirMagnet Survey tool, can do to help to my customers by saving time and having a 'standard' methodology, I get a very positive reaction and a real sense of curiosity.  But when I explain what work is involved to get an accurate model, I get that, "I don't have time for that" look.

I think that statement is based on the fact that they haven't been through the process, which isn't that bad after you've done it once or twice.

Any modeling tool is only as good as the data provided, regardless if its AirMagnet, Radio Mobile Ekahau. Thats when I decided to whip up a quick video to demonstrate how to get up and running in approx 5 minutes.



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