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"Should I go" Challange - Wireshark Training in Austin, Texas

As everyone knows Wireshark is the ultimate Open Source network and data packet visualization tool.

So can you find the three problems in the traces below....The Challange Begins!!

Every Network Engineer should know Wireshark inside and out regardless of the commercial tools they use. Here is an incrediable oportunity for those in and around Austin, Texas, capitol of the Great State of Texas!

Wireshark logo 

Should you Go to this Class - Well lets look at some of the things you will learn about...see if you know the answers of what is in these Wireshark traces -

Half full dplx mismatchWhat do you see that is a problem in this filtered Wireshark trace????

Answer -  that you will learn in the class-

This is what it looks like when another 10mb device’s preamble overwrites another packet.

The preamble pattern of 1010 works out to be A and 0101 is 5.

Probable cause: half/full duplex mismatch 

Ok, Do You Want To Try another trace -


MSS of 2

Well do you see a problem?

Look at 1550 - Now do you see it???

Compare it to 1549 - Now do you see???

Answer - In packet 1550, the device is advertising a MSS (Maximum Segment Size) of 2, instead of a typical value of 1460.

This results in very poor performance or a device crash!

OK - Last try - See if you can answer this one.......

Routing loop
OK - Do you see an issue?????

Answer - The ping packets have the same seq value indicating apossible problem

Cause: there is a routing loop

Now if you got all these by yourself - GREAT...But I bet you would like to see and learn much more and this class will blow you away.

This really cool and VERY informative class is being taught by my friend, author and one of the best network and communications analyst around today, Tony Fortunato. This is an awesome opportunity for any network engineer, so do not miss this event!

Calling all Network engineers, would you be interested in a HANDS ON technical deep dive into Wireshark? 

Check out this upcoming training: Network Protocol Analysis using Wireshark Core Course.

You should be VERY INTERESTED, says the Oldcommguy!

Our own Tony Fortunato will be teaching this 3 day lab-based training class on effective Wireshark usage. 

The class will begin with understanding protocols:

  • TCP/IP
  • HTTP
  • UDP
  • FTP
  • SMB
  • DHCP
  • POP
  • SMTP
  • Spanning Tree Protocol
  • And Many more protocols and a lot of trace analysis.
    Real World, Hands On Training that you simply cannot get in any academic setting!

  Tony head
Read about Tony here.

Tony’s style of teaching is amazing, providing hands on experience in advanced methods of packet analysis.  Approximately 70% of the class will be hands on.  You’ll be capturing packets in real time and applying filters, then examining the results.  You will gain great insights into the protocols and learn how to conduct expert analysis to debug network problems.

You will learn to read and understand packet traces.  After completing this course, you will have the skills you need to understand what is going on with your network traffic, at an in-depth technical level.  It will also cover some advanced topics on TAP monitoring, packet capture on 10G networks and NIC/capture drivers.

The training will be held at Anue Systems corporate office, at 8310-2 Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin TX 78731.  It is co-sponsored by Anue Systems, The Tech Firm and Gearbit.  

Training hours are 8:30 – 5:00 daily.  The cost is $1800 per student.  Register here.