Getting Started with Riverbed's Pilot (by Tony Fortunato)
Who Are Those Guys? (by Paul W. Smith)

Wireshark, Excel and Pivot Tables (by Tony Fortunato)

Since my Excel Graph tutorial, I have received emails asking if I could whip something up regarding Pivottables.  Well, here you go.

One of the limitations of the Excel Graph Video is that it doesnt illustrate those data points where there aren't any packets.  This pivot table trick will fix this and make the data more manageable.

In my classes and seminars, I constantly tell analysts that you should think of your packets like your vacation photos.  You can show them to people, and they will politely nod, but they have no interest in them.  Along with the security implications and possible misinterpetation, a graph can really drive the point home or show you something new about that puzzling trace.




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