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I have been using the new Fluke Networks Optiview XG quite a bit lately and people usually ask me what I typically use it for.

One of the things I find the XG useful for, is running a discovery and producing reports for my clients. 

Since I troubleshoot many different networks, getting my bearings quickly and accurately is critical to understanding the current environment and trying to provide valuable input.

The discovery report can be a dump of everything I found; locally and remotely, or grouped by type and lastly I can group based on network or subnet. The XG also allows me to customize the report with my company info and can create pdf or HTML format reports.

For example; I can produce a report of all the switches discovered, which legacy devices still have IPX, or which devices have IPV6.

I can't tell you how many times these reports start a 'spirited conversation' where people wonder 'who installed that?', 'when did they install that?' or lastly 'I told them to clean that up already'.

I always recommend that you should have a tool to show you 'what you have', unfortunately many analysts go with what 'they think they have'.



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