Homedale Free Wifi Monitor and Logger (by Tony Fortunato)
Still Not Convinced That Application Block Size Matters? (by Mike Canney)

Troubleshooting Application Performance Issues (by Mike Canney)

This presentation was recorded at the Sharkfest 2011, Wireshark Developer and User Conference, held at the Stanford University between June 13th and 16th.

As network speeds continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, the need to be able to quickly analyze multi-Gigabyte sized trace files has become increasingly important. In this session, students will learn how to capture, monitor and analyze extremely large trace files to quickly resolve some of the most common application performance problems seen today.

Topics to be covered:
• How to quickly create a capture to disk appliance
• Using Pilot to go “back in time” for troubleshooting issues
• Using Pilot to filter and send only pertinent data to Wireshark
• Top Causes for application performance issues: Application Turns, TCP Window size, Inflight Data
• Using Wireshark Profiles to help troubleshoot SMB issues

Mike Canney, well-versed in multiple sniffer technologies, specializes in providing application and network performance consulting services: specifically Application Network-ability Assessments (ANA), network performance troubleshooting, and deep level packet analysis. Over the past 22 years, Mike has helped hundreds of companies identify and resolve their application and network performance issues. Mike has also developed courseware and taught engineers how to identify, remediate, and prevent network and application issues by analyzing traffic flows at the packet level. Mike has been a guest speaker at many industry trade shows (Networld Interop, Cisco Networkers, e.g.) throughout the United States on the topic of application performance analysis.

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