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WOW!! Finally Someone Actually Verified Their Claims (by Tim - The Oldcommguy)

Checkmark Tolly Group Certifies GigaStor 10 GB as Fastest FDX Long-Term Capture Device

The FIRST fully tested Network Packet Recorder Certified at 10 Gb FDX Wire Speeds to Help Companies Validate and Manage the Delivery and Performance of Critical Applications

Remember my motto – Do Not Trust Them, Test Them! Here is a great example of Success!

Well I hope that Network Instruments testing will get everyone thinking that important specifications on paper are meaningless! If a customer has an important requirement – Do not trust marketing hype and specmanship, Verify and Test or rely on a trusted verification vendor!

There are 3 types of companies, in my opinion, that when it comes to marketing their products –

First – Ethical Companies like Network Instruments that have products that MUST meet certain criteria to support the market and customer needs. These companies go out and verify the real requirements of their high tech products.

Second – Companies that are ethical and market their technology with focus on proof in service to their customer’s needs. They focus on truth and satisfying customers and fulfilling their needs with onsite verification and continued support.

Third - companies that market their products by marketing hype, usually spending most of their time coming up with unverifiable specifications and outlandish claims. They are the ones in to just get an order at all costs and move on.

Well today we see a company, Network Instruments that wanted to verify their claims and asked for The Tolly Group to test and verify their important capabilities. This way customers can be assured that they are getting what they need and pay for, this is extremely important especially in today’s market where success can make or break a customer. All Test focused tools should have what I call Forensically Sound capability or what we use to call verified repeatiability!

Today, Network Instruments will announce with The Tolly Group that their Gigastor network packet capture appliance will meet their specifications and customers’ needs for a Full Duplex Wire Speed packet capture engine.

The Extensive performance evaluation was completed by network equipment testing firm the Tolly Group, which confirmed that the GigaStor Full Duplex 10 Gb WS did in fact captured line-rate, bidirectional (FDX) 10 Gb network traffic with zero frame loss.

“Connected to a traffic generator, GigaStor handled wire-speed traffic of varying packet sizes across a 10-Gb, full duplex network connection for multiple hours,” said John Tolly, research engineer for the Tolly Group. “During this test we generated two separate streams, totaling 20 Gbps of sustained traffic, and confirmed the system captured and saved to disk without packet loss.”

The GigaStor 10 Gb WS is purpose-built to help support transaction-heavy enterprises validate and manage the delivery and performance of critical applications in the data center. This verified capture technology is essential in many ways but can save a company in loss mitigation. The appliance stores up to 192 TB and features Network Instruments’ internally-designed and manufactured Gen2 capture card technology optimized for 10 Gb analysis.

My hat is off to Douglas and The Network Instrument Team – Great Job!

For more information contact the Network Instruments Team at – http://www.networkinstruments.com/ or call Steve Brown at sbrown@networkinstruments.com

If you have a tested and verified Network Analysis or Data Forensic tool, let me know. I may choose to share with the industry!

I wish Everyone Great Success with Less Stress – Tim - The Oldcommguy®