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 The need for, and capabilities of, mobile network monitoring technology 

Errors in the corporate network often occur just at the moment when the responsible IT administrators are away from their desks and cannot intervene on site. It’s for this exact reason there is a growing need for mobile monitoring technologies so IT admins can prevent network downtime and resolve bottlenecks from any place at any time.

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Today we’re seeing more network monitoring vendors providing mobile monitoring apps for devices like the iPhone and iPad, BlackBerry, Droid and others. Via mobile devices, with the use of a network monitoring app, IT administrators have on-the-go access to real-time information about the current status of the monitored network. Data is compiled clearly in lists, tables and graphs to quickly provide an overview of information such as network status overviews, reports on highest/lowest bandwidth usage, total uptime/downtime stats, maps to reveal network schematics and more.

We’re also seeing more vendors optimizing their web-based interfaces for mobile browsers. These are being designed specifically for display on small-size screens and for use over low-bandwidth connections. The interface provides the administrator with real-time information about the current status of the monitored network on-the-go.

While some might argue that mobile network management applications are violating the work/life balance for IT administrators, I’d argue these individuals are always on call whether or not they have these technologies available to them. Having mobile monitoring capabilities simply makes the work more manageable. It gives network administrators the freedom to step away from the office without the constant worry of network failures or other events calling them back to the office. With instant access in the palm of your hand, it’s incredibly easy to ensure optimum network performance and troubleshoot issues while on the road, at home or virtually anywhere. And, so long as the network monitoring solution doesn’t show any alerts, there is no need for concern on the administrator’s behalf. 

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Bio: Ken Sanofsky is Paessler’s General Manager, North America. A networking industry veteran, Sanofsky’s career has spanned industry giants like Cisco Systems as well as software startups. Ken has a proven track record in creating business development operations, building channel programs and developing OEM strategies in early stage and turn-around companies.