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New Free Tool - Permissions Analyzer (by Josh Stephens)

System Administrators: Come on down! You’re the next contestant…

 In today’s IT environment, technology is continually changing. With virtualization, the cloud and data center consolidation, it’s no wonder that managing your IT environment and resources can be a headache. And for SysAdmins, it’s more important than ever to keep tabs on who has the rights to what.

Here’s a common scenario: Johnny needs access to a specific file folder on a shared drive. But, since his workforce is distributed, he has no idea which user has access to the folder. Without the proper tools in place, Johnny spends the next few hours hunting and sorting through extensive sets of user and group permissions.

Do you have permission 

 OR, what happens when your company decides to let Bob go after things got a little out of hand at the company offsite, and he decided to take the company car for a joy ride? Bob has access to the “super secret” files and shared folders, and that could cause major problems if his permission rights are not immediately identified and turned off.

 Talk about driving you “bonkers.”

 Until today, tools with permissions analysis come bundled as one feature in high-priced products, making it difficult and cumbersome to zero-in on permissions when you only need the one function. Or, you’re left with a cheap/free tool that doesn’t provide you with the depth of reporting needed.

 Today all of that changes.

 SysAdmins, you’ve won showcase number one, which consists of a SolarWinds’ Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory. A NEW FREE TOOL!!!

Permission analyzer 
 With the new free tool, Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory, you’ll get a hierarchal view of the effective permissions, access rights for files or shared folders -- all from a single dashboard.

 I won’t leave you with a “cliff hanger,” so let me tell you about the key features of the tool:

  • Get a complete hierarchical view of the effective permissions and access rights for a specific file folder (NTFS) or share drive
  • Easily see what permissions a user has for an object and why (group membership or direct permissions)
  • See it all from a desktop dashboard
  • Browse permissions by group or individual user
  • Analyze user permissions based on group membership combined with specific permissions

 For step-by-step instructions to get you up and running, check out the Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory video.

 Josh Stephens Solarwinds Author Profile - Josh Stephens is the Head Geek and VP of technology at SolarWinds, a leading provider of network management software based in Austin Texas. Solarwinds logo Josh has extensive experience in network management systems, network engineering, and software development. His 15-plus years of experience in technology include designing and deploying advanced networks and network management systems within organizations including the US Air Force, Sprint, MCI/UUNET, and WalMart. He has received several industry certifications including those from Cisco Systems, Microsoft, and HP.