Sharkfest'10 Impressions (by Joke Snelders)
Basic TCP/IP Analysis (by Hansang Bae)

SPAN out of the Box (by John He)

Screen shot 2010-06-21 at 6.21.34 AM DCLOGO_fullname Presenter Profile - John He is the founder and senior hardware design consultant of Dualcomm Technology, Inc. For the past 15 years, He has worked on electronics hardware design projects at both board and chip levels, building complex and high-speed telecom/datacom products, including network taps and Ethernet switches. He conceived the idea of portable Ethernet switches with pre-configured port-mirroring functionality, and he has been working on developing and commercializing such portable Ethernet switches as an easy to use and more affordable hardware solution for network traffic sniffing applications and troubleshooting. John received master's degrees in Electrical Engineering from Wuhan University, China and University of Massachusetts, North Dartmouth.

Editor's Note - This session was presented at the 2010 Sharkfest Wireshark Developer and User Conference at Stanford University. You can click here to download the PowerPoint presentation.

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