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SHARKFEST'10 Wireshark Developer and User Conference (by Joke Snelders)

Joke_snelders Author Profile - My name is Joke (pronounced \yo-kə\ or Joan for those who do not speak Dutch). During the day, I work as a secretary for a non-profit organization providing assisted living for mentally handicapped people in the south of The Netherlands. In my spare time I like to use Wireshark. I find it interesting and necessary to monitor my home network to see what is going on. As a user I like to answer questions at the Wireshark Mailing List.

What is in it for me? Well, I learn a great deal whenever I try to solve real-world problems. I am also a member of the NGN (the Dutch Network User's Group). I write articles about how to use Wireshark and the command line tools. And if there is still some spare time left, I like to go biking in the woods near my hometown with my husband and fellow geek.


Sharkfest'10 is on it's way; just one month to go.

Within a couple of weeks the 3rd annual Sharkfest will take place at the main campus of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.
Take a look at the conference schedule and see for yourself that it is worthwhile to spend from June 14 till June 17 at Sharkfest.

The conference starts at Monday June 14, 2010 with a Welcome Fiesta.
A great change to meet the instructors and the other attendees.

The opening keynote, "25 Years of Packet Tracing - A Personal Retrospective", on June 15 is presented by Van Jacobson, the creator of tcpdump.
Van Jacobson will take us all on a fascinating journey through his years in the industry and his packet analysis experiences along the way.


After the keynote you face the tough part.

During the next 3 days you have to choose between different sessions in 3 different tracks: Developer, Basic User or Advanced User.
Denny K Miu will record as much sessions as possible. You can watch the videos at LoveMyTool.

These are some of the sessions:
• Scripting and Extending Nmap and Wireshark by Gerald Combs and Fyodor
• 10 Cool Things You Should Know How To Do With Wireshark by Laura Chappell
• The Shark Distributed Montoring System by Loris Degioanni
• Wireless Security by Thomas D'Otreppe
• Hands-On Lab: WLAN Analysis with Wireshark and AirPcap by Keith R. Parsons
• SPAN Out of the Box by John He

See the Sharkfest'10 landing page for the Full Conference Schedule and the Conference Track Abstracts and Biographies.

After 3 days of varied sessions Sharkfest'10 ends with the closing keynote  "Reading the Traffic: Learning Behavior from Watching Bits" by  Dr. Harry Saal; a founding father of the network diagnostics market and a major inspiration for the creation of the Ethereal/Wireshark Project.

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You can click here to register for Sharkfest'10.


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at Sharkfest!

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