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Denny's Note: I have been experimenting with Google Buzz. It is an interesting tool that could have lots of potentials for the LoveMyTool community. For now, it is also a unique forum allowing me to write about things that interest me, but not necessary related to LoveMyTool or StartupForLess. Occasionally, I will re-post a popular item. Hope you enjoy.

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**iPad - It's All About Pain**

I could hear the sound of a truck rolling up my driveway. By the time I rushed down to the front door, a nice looking chap in brown uniform was already waiting at the front door. I signed and he gave me a cardboard box big enough to fit a medium size deep dish pizza. I said thank you and he winked. He knew what was inside and so did I.

But wait, damn it, it's just a dream. I am one of a quarter of million of people pre-ordered an iPad three weeks ago but perhaps only one of just a handful who missed the shipment yesterday. After numerous 800 calls, the best that I could hope for now was that they would redeliver on Monday. Otherwise I would have to pick up in person on Tuesday.

I don't want an iPad. I need an iPad.

I don't want nor need another electronic device. I have plenty. But what I don't have is a device that does not cause me pain. I am talking about joint pain. specifically joint pain in the right arm, from the fingers to the shoulder.

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