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Sunday Buzz: Be a Magnet, Be Leo (by Denny K Miu)

DennyMiuEditor Profile - Denny K Miu was the Founder and former CEO of two companies, Gigamon Systems and Integrated Micromachines (now Touchdown Technologies). Denny has extensive experience in developing technology, products and business relationships. He has been a Professor, an engineer, an entrepreneur, a team leader as well as an individual contributor.

Denny is currently the Executive Editor of LoveMyTool.com.

Denny's Note: I have been experimenting with Google Buzz. It is an interesting tool that could have lots of potentials for the LoveMyTool community. For now, it is also a unique forum allowing me to write about things that interest me, but not necessary related to LoveMyTool or StartupForLess. Occasionally, I will re-post a popular item. Hope you enjoy.

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**Be a Magnet, Be Leo**

It is tough out there. Anyone who lives in the Bay Area knows that the real unemployment rate (including under-employment) is more like 20%. In other words, if you have a large family and if you are not unemployed yourself, then at least one or two of your (and your spouse's) siblings would be. And if you live in a cul-de-sac and you are not unemployed yourself, then at least two or three of your neighbors would be. And it is tough to find a job.

In my multiple experiences in struggling with unemployment, I have found that keeping a positive attitude is the most important, both for your own survival and for improving your prospect of getting a job. In a buyer market such as what we have now, your technical skill and your resume are no longer your differentiating feature. Showing that you have a unique ability to communicate and the necessary DNA to break through barriers is much more important in rising above the heap.

We used to call someone a "people" person when that person doesn't have any other skill. In the old days, calling someone a people person was not meant to be a compliment. But a people person is what we need to be now if we want to maximize our chance of finding our next firm footing. Actually we need to be more than a people person, we need to show that we are a people "magnet".

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