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Joke_snelders Author Profile - My name is Joke (pronounced \yo-kə\ or Joan for those who do not speak Dutch). During the day, I work as a secretary for a non-profit organization providing assisted living for mentally handicapped people in the south of The Netherlands. In my spare time I like to use Wireshark. I find it interesting and necessary to monitor my home network to see what is going on. As a user I like to answer questions at the Wireshark Mailing List.

What is in it for me? Well, I learn a great deal whenever I try to solve real-world problems. I am also a member of the NGN (the Dutch Network User's Group). I write articles about how to use Wireshark and the command line tools. And if there is still some spare time left, I like to go biking in the woods near my hometown with my husband and fellow geek.

PlayCap: Playback for Wireshark Capture Files.
Alan Ott has developed the tool PlayCap.
PlayCap is an application, that runs on Linux and Windows. PlayCap plays back capture files made from Wireshark, tcpdump, WinDump, or any other libpcap-based application.

You can download PlayCap here.
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After installing PlayCap you can open a capture file by selecting File -> Open.


After the file is loaded, you see something like the following numbers:
Processed 0 of 279
0:00.000 / 0:14.403

279 stands for the number of packets in the capture file I have loaded.
0:14.403 is the capture duration in seconds.

You can compare the values to those in the Wireshark Summary window.
Open the capture file with Wireshark.
Select Statistics -> Summary 

Click on image to enlarge

  Hit the Start button to open the Select Playback Device dialog box.

Select a playback device by hitting the Playback button:


Watch the process by looking at the PlayCap GUI or capture the traffic with Wireshark.


Happy capturing

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