Wireshark Saves the WLAN (by Joe Bardwell)
Show Notes from Sharkfest 2009 (by Joke Snelders)

SPAN Port or TAP? (by Betty DuBois)

Betty_DuBoisSpeaker Profile - Betty Dubois has been a technical trainer for 17 years, training on networking and protocol analysis for the last 14. She has been instructing on ProCurve products for a year. At Networld+Interop, Betty taught the workshop "Troubleshooting Databases from a Network Perspective". She has developed courseware in protocol analysis for Sniffer University, and in security for Internet Security Systems. Her article "What's on my Network?" appeared in the Data Communications Management magazine.

Betty's certifications include ProCurve AIS, Certified Wireshark Instructor, Sniffer Certified Expert, Certified Novell Instructor and Novell Certified Network Expert (expired)

Betty’s goal is to teach course materials in the most relevant and real-world manner as possible, while using humor to keep students engaged. “My classroom is called Bettyland, and it is always better there!”

Editor's Note - This session was presented at the 2009 Sharkfest Wireshark Developer and User Conference at Stanford University. Please right click here to download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation in order to follow along with the video.

For those who are interested in reading more about SPAN, RSPAN and TAP, please read the following two articles by Oldcommguy™.

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