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Tim_oneillEditor Profile - Tim O’Neill is an independent technology consultant. He has over 30 years experience working in the WAN, Analog, ISDN, ATM and LAN test market. Tim has worked with companies like Navtel, Network General, Ganymede and ClearSight Networks and is now helping companies get lab recognition and technology verification. Tim is also the Chief Contributing Editor for, a website designed to help network managers gain access to valuable information and real solution stories from other customers. Tim is a patent holding, published and degreed engineer, who has seen this technology grow from Teletype (current loop) data analysis to today’s 10 Gigabit LAN’s focused on business applications with heavy compliance demands. Tim can be reached at oldcommguy (at) bellsouth (dot) net.

The Anatomy of a TCP Connection (by the NetQoS Team)

More Data adds to Faster Problem Recognition – Reducing Time to Resolution!

NetQoS has raised the bar on Performance Analysis!

I often talk about the value of data as the basis of the Problem Resolution equation.

Data is the basis of information. Information, once assimilated, leads to Understanding. And Understanding leads to Problem Resolution. The more Data you have the more Information you will have to Understand your network and its issues. In short, Data is the most important building block in the process of Resolving Network Issues.

The problem has always been that there are so many different types and sources of network data that most solution vendors stick to those that they can best resolve. Most stick to common sources like SNMP or NetFlow.

Netqos_logoI usually do not review products and write about them but I was offered a sneak peek by one of our sponsors, NetQoS, and what they showed me I had to share with the Lovemytool readers! So here is your sneak peek! This is being announced at InterOp. Today!

Well, things are changing and the Team at NetQoS just showed me some of the features of their new release, NetQoS Performance Center 5.0 and WOW, the depth and breadth of Data source access and Analytics have changed forever.

The more Data you have the easier it becomes to have more Information and more Information leads to quicker understanding and faster problem resolution! This is exactly what the Team at NetQoS has decided.

This new release reflects their drive to accumulate more data from alternate data sources and assemble them for better problem recognition! They have 3 planes of focus and analysis – The Data Collections plane with new sources, The Analytics plane with many enhancements and the expanded Reporting plane.

The NetQoS Team wants to bring all the main players in a company together using their new visibility: the Networking Operations Team, the Engineering Team and The Management Team with a flexible Dashboard and analysis features for the entire corporate Team.

The Interface supports Application Performance with Maps (with drill down), has an Easy API for easy custom reporting (everyone needs this), Cross data source Anomaly recognition and Easy Capacity Planning, Trending, Cost and Root Cause Analysis, all in one solution!

All this in one flexible console with incredible drill down capability!

This new release leverages new items like Cisco’s Central Manager reporting from WAAS 4.1, and NetQoS code embedded in Cisco’s Network Access Modules (NAM). Add to this SNMP V 3.0 support, NetFlow and a Connector for EMC Smarts! Using the new Performance Center you can drill down with SuperAgent to the NAM and get views of the users’ experience. Just a click on the GUI and you are wherever you want to be in the network.

The support for SNMP V3.0 will make our friend Bruce Boardman (one of the really good guys in this industry) very happy! They even added a NetQoS Connector to Microsoft’s Excel so that in one report you can have Response times, Network Traffic data and SNMP data alongside non-performance data like facilities information and cost allocation . Now that is really cool.

Look over the slides attached below and be sure to visit NetQoS at InterOp 2009 this week, visit their website or read their latest release details and technical info link!

The network analysis industry has come a very long way and with companies like NetQoS taking advantage of the many data sources available one can only hope that we can get back to being Engineers and reduce our Fireman’s role. Trust me, I have tremendous respect for all Firemen/women but in the networking world, we need to be engineers and NetQoS has an offering that should help us all be better in focusing on the extensibility of our network and its components!

It is worth a look and the very high customer loyalty of NetQoS customers speaks highly of their Technology and Support.

I like reporting on new and unusual advancements in our Technology and this is certainly a major advancement.

Be sure to let me know about other companies with technology advancements that you want me to write about! I will do my best to keep you informed of technologies that will make your networking success better!

I wish everyone Great Success with Less Stress … Oldcommguy™

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