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Free Webinar on Network Troubleshooting with Wireshark


Mike_pennacchiNetwork_protocol_specialists_2Mike Pennacchi a good friend, founder of Network Protocol Specialists, LLC and one of the top analysts in the network world is holding another FREE seminar on troubleshooting using Wireshark and some other open source tools. “If you cannot use your tools you will never find your network issues to even begin a solution process.”

Mike will again be speaking and teaching at SHARKFEST 2009, June 15-18 at Stanford University. Come and join us for a real fun and educational experience. We have some awesome speakers this year including Stephen Stuart, the Principal Engineer at Google who is responsible for Google’s new M-Lab. There will be 3 days of classes, exchanging of ideas and a super platform for your analysis growth. I hope I see you there, SHARKFEST 2009!

Mike and I have for years agreed that to solve network problems one must first understand the tools they are deploying and fully understand their limitations and the data that they present. Once a manager has data than and only than can one begin to turn the data into information.

Information is the beginning of the solution process. So start with how to use your tools and fully understand what data it is presenting to you! Of course, one must also understand their chosen access methodology to the network. If one is using a SPAN port, that one must first understand the limitations and changes caused to the data by the SPAN process. For more on SPAN versus TAP access issues please read our most popular review article.

In January Mike finished a very successful three-part FREE training webinar on Wireshark which included training exercises for each part and a final test with certification. The entire course was on “How to effectively use Wireshark”. He averaged about 800 people per session, and the comments were super complimentary but that is to be expected when people work with Mike.

The upcoming webinar is scheduled for Thursday April 23 and is intended to help you get up to speed on using Wireshark as well as some other tools to quickly recognize and isolate network issues so you can begin the solution process and resolve network problems on your network. Mike’s open and friendly style plus his openness to questions which he openly encourages always leads to an easy learning experience!

If you already have some questions that Mike should cover, in the upcoming webinar, feel free to send them to him ahead of time if possible, so he can address them in the webinar and provide backup material or traces to support the answers.

Mike’s e-mail is

Please register for the free webinar.

Title: Wireshark - April

Date: Thursday, April 23, 2009

Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

My Best – Oldcommguy™ – I wish you Great Success with less stress.

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