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Mike_pennacchiNetwork_protocol_specialists_2Instructor Profile - Mike Pennacchi is one of the world's leading experts on pinpointing the causes of network and application performance issues. Unlike most companies that only identify the cause, Mike’s company, Network Protocol Specialists in Seattle, Washington, works with companies to solve performance issues. When Mike is not analyzing networks, he can be found lecturing or offering training on the topic for Server and Network Admins. During November 2007, Mike was appointed as the Lead Network Engineer for InteropNet which is the mission critical show network for Interop New York 2007, leading a team of networking professionals, volunteers and vendors support personnel.


Free Training !!!!

Taught by one of the Industries Best Analyst!

A Three Part Series with Final Test and Certification!

Time for the Finger Pointing to Stop!

Using Wireshark to SOLVE Problems!

Presenter - Mike Pennacchi

Founder of the Network Protocol Specialist Team

Editor's Note - Lovemytool Readers – Oldcommguy™ has found this GREAT offer and it is totally FREE taught by Mike Pennacchi who is a well known network expert and analyst!

Sign up Today.

Mike Pennacchi is a long time Friend and a very trusted technical associate of mine and I was delighted to hear that Mike wanted to help the industry by offering this series of classes followed by a test and certification for FREE!

We in the Networking industry seldom get anything for free but something like this for free, is unheard of.

Mike came to me with this idea a few weeks ago and I said “Yes it is a GREAT idea”! I told him to make sure that there is a test and a certificate for passing and he did it! This will be a GREAT series as I know how Mike teaches.

So here it is, be sure to sign up ASAP, before there are no more seats available!!!

Mike said that he got his inspiration as he has been watching the endless presidential campaign ads and they remind him, a bit, of what things are like when an application is running slow. Everyone is quick to blame everyone else for the problems.

The famous network finger pointing syndrome!

The software folks are blaming the network, the network guys are pointing their fingers at the servers, and everyone believes that if the client machines were faster, there won’t be a problem or just add more Bandwidth!

The time has come for this finger pointing to stop!

No longer should we just replace equipment in hopes that it will solve the problem.

What you need is a proven method to find the problem and solve the problem not just guess!

Mike says “When I first started analyzing networks 14 years ago analyzers were very expensive (they are not cheap today). Most companies could only afford one and it took someone with a very large brain and specially trained to run it.” Well, things have change significantly over the last 14 years. Today, thanks to Gerald Combs and the developers of Wireshark, anyone with an Internet connection can download a full featured protocol analyzer, Wireshark. http://www.wireshark.org/

Mike’s Team at Network Protocol Specialists, LLC has solved many problems using Wireshark. Am saying you don’t need to purchase an analyzer, absolutely not! However, until you start analyzing packets, you don’t really know what you need in a protocol analyzer. Over time you will find which features you need that aren’t in Wireshark and are worth purchasing in an commercial analyzer.

So, Mike says “you’ve got the analyzer, but without the knowledge of how to use the analyzer, it is just another piece of software and just might be just another problem for you”. So to help the industry, Mike wants to offer a FREE three part webinar series - beginning with session one on Wednesday November 12th, 2008 at 10am PST.

These three webinars will be spread out a number of weeks and intended to get you up and running with Wireshark and real problem solving basics. Stop the Finger Pointing and worthless solutions!

Session 1 – November 12, 2008 - In this session you will cover analyzer placement, basic capture filters, and displaying the packets. You will be covering key concepts that will help ensure that you get the analyzer in the right place, capture the right packets, and that you are able to verify you are getting what you need to analyze the problem.

Session 2 - December 3, 2008 – You will begin looking at display filters. The key to successful protocol analysis is to separate the working packets from the broken packets. In this session you will look at how to hide the good packets and how to get the bad ones to show themselves.

Session 3 – December 17,2008 – This is where the analysis training will begin. This session will focus on developing the ability to recognize the good traffic and drill in on the bad traffic. The goal is to successfully find what is causing the issues that will lead you to the correct solution. No more guessing or the Finger Pointing Syndrome!

After each session you will be provided a link to a set of trace files and exercises. These exercises will be designed to help you practice what you have learned in the corresponding session of the webinar.

At the conclusion of all three sessions, we will be offering you an online quiz to test your knowledge of the material covered in the sessions. If you pass the test, send us the results page and we will send you an electronic certificate recognizing your achievement. Again – All of this is FREE!

So go sign up – ASAP.

I wish you Great Success with less stress!

Be sure to let me know how you enjoyed these classes.

If you really enjoy this series we might be able to talk Mike into doing more, so send me your comments and suggestions and I will pass on to Mike.

I look forward to hearing everyone there as I will be there also.

My Best - Oldcommguy™


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