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Rapid Problem Identification from Xangati

Xangati_logoVendor Profile - Xangati provides a rapid problem identification (RPI) system which IT organizations leverage when first responding to end-user, application and network performance and availability issues. Xangati RPI enables its users to swiftly and effectively track down root cause. Enterprises, government organizations and service providers alike use Xangati to accelerate problem identification efforts by at least twenty percent, which directly results in major productivity gains for the technical teams and their end-users.

Robin_alanAlan Robin is the CEO of Xangati. Alan has more than twenty years experience in the networking and security industries. He has contributed to six, successful start-up companies by developing product and market strategies that result in dramatic growth in sales. As president and CEO of netVmg, he led efforts from early shipments to closing the acquisition with Internap in less than two years. He also held positions as VP of sales for CacheFlow (now Blue Coat Systems) through their highly-successful IPO, for Ipsilon (acquired by Nokia), and Bay Networks/Wellfleet Communications. Alan holds a BS degree in chemistry from Kenyon College and an MBA in Finance from Fairleigh-Dickenson University.

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